PhosphoBARVAR-2 (Phosphate Biofertilizer)



Phosphate Biofertilizer

For all crops and trees

100 grams for one hectare or 100 trees




PhosphoBARVAR-2 Biofertilizer contains two types of naturally occurring phosphate-solubilizing bacteria that release phosphate ion from its in/organic compounds by producing organic acids and robust phosphatase enzymes around the roots.

Depending on the available phosphate level in the soil, 50-100% of chemical phosphate fertilizer must be replaced with a 100-gram PhosphoBARVAR-2 bag.

Ingredients:  bagasse, perlite, water, 107 to 108 CFU/g of Pantoea agglomerans P5 and Pseudomonas putida P13 bacterial culture.



● Excellent for organic farming

● The best alternative for chemical phosphate fertilizers

● Higher yield and quality

● Restoration of soil microbial profiles

● Reducing fertilizer, transportation and warehousing costs

● Easy to use



For the best result, apply PhosphoBARVAR-2 as instructed below:

1. Reduce the amount of chemical phosphate fertilizer to 50% or less.

2. Use all other fertilizers (e.g. N, K), pesticides, etc. as usual.

3. Do not mix PhosphoBARVAR-2 with concentrated fertilizers and pesticides in the same container. Diluted solutions may be used together.

4. PhosphoBARVAR-2 biofertilizer must reach plant roots. Therefore, seed treatments is strongly recommended.

5. When making solution, please filter it through a piece of fine cloth before adding to a sprayer. The remaining particles on the filter are not the active material as the bacteria are suspended in the liquid and are invisible.

6. Use the required micronutrients as usual.

7. PhosphoBARVAR-2 is packaged in aseptic conditions. Therefore, try to use all the contents in the same day.

8. Keep PhosphoBARVAR-2 out of extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.

9. Do not use after the expiry date.



One bag is enough for one hectare or 100 trees. Prepare a solution of PhosphoBARVAR-2 in 1 to 2 liters of water per bag. Filter through a piece of fine cloth (provided), if needed. In case of prolonged work, stir the solution every 15 minutes.

For seed or tubers treatments:

Add PhosphoBARVAR-2 solution to a clean sprayer. Spray the seeds while mixing thoroughly before sowing. PhosphoBARVAR-2 solution can also be applied with common seed treatment machines.



For seedling:

Dilute PhosphoBARVAR-2 solution with 10 liter of water. Deep seedlings roots in the solution right before planting.


For plantation of trees:

Dilute PhosphoBARVAR-2 solution in 100 liters of water, immerse plant roots in this solution or pour one litter on the exposed roots right before adding soil.



For at-base application:

Using a shovel, a T-shape or mechanical groove making tools, dig two to four holes with 20-40 cm depth in the shading circle of tree canopy. Dilute PhosphoBARVAR-2 solution with 100 liter of water. Distribute one liter into the holes for each tree.



For irrigation (top dressing):

1. Waterlogging or deep-watering irrigation methods: place a tank of the above biofertilizer solution diluted in 100 liters of water at the track of irrigation. When the water run at the middle of the garden, turn on the tab, so that the solution is distributed evenly.

2. Pressure irrigation methods (dripping irrigation): pour the above filtered solution into pressured water reservoir tank. It must be proportional to the number of trees watered during a day. For example, to irrigate 1000 trees a solution made by pouring 10 packs of each biofertilizer must be added to the solution in the reservoir tank.

Application time

In crops:

Step 1: seedtreatment method in the time of sowing.

Step 2: irrigation method at 4 to 6-leafs stage.

In trees:

Step 1: at the time of the first leaf buds emergence (after verbalization).

Step 2: at the time of falling flowers and forming fruits before ripening.


Use PhosphoBARVAR-2, AzotoBARVAR-1 and PotaBARVAR-2 biofertilizers together to replace 50% or more of NPK..