About Green Biotech Incorporation, LTD.

Green Biotech Incorporation was founded in 2002 with the aim of developing novel, world-class and environmentally safe agricultural technologies. PhosphoBARVAR-2 Phosphate biofertilizer, nitrogenous biofertilizer AzotoBARVAR-1 and PotaBARVAR-2 are the main products of the company at the present time which are the outcome of a giant research project done by a group of outstanding Iranian researchers for substitution of chemical phosphate, nitrogen and potash fertilizers. Beneficial bacteria of PhosphoBARVAR-2 biofertilizer efficiently hydrolyze both mineral and organic phosphate compounds in the soil to release the soluble phosphate ion which is readily absorbed by plants. AzotoBARVAR-1 nitrogenous biofertilizer contains a kind of bacteria that actively fixes air nitrogen to plant absorbable forms. PotaBARVAR-2 potashbiofertilizer contains two types of potassium solubilizing bacteria. The bacteria hydrolyze insoluble compounds of potassium in the soil around the roots releasing the ion for optimized absorption. These products are safe and effective alternatives to chemical NPK fertilizers, which can be applied through seed treatment and/or during irrigation. As shown in numerous field trials, the high productivity of BARVAR biofertilizers for using on almost all types of crops and trees has been proved.